Rodgers putting on his Belt


Bears suck. Kal-El is a gigantic faggot that no one wants around.


Settle down, spaz.

Hugs and kisses,

- Kal.

The BeltEdit



Ted ThompsonEdit

He is no homo. The White Wizard. Draft/Scouting Genius.


The battle-cry of choice for Ted Thompson critics, railing on the GM's most unfortunate 1st-round draft choice: Tennessee DT Justin Harrell. When all else fails in trying to criticize Ted, pull out the HARRELL!!! card.

Mark. It. Down.Edit

Mark it down was traditionally a declaration made when you were certain that the Packers have lost the game while they still have a lead. The intent was apparently to either soft the proverbial blow for yourself or to be the first to correctly predict the Packers impending loss, although many other posters were disturbed or befuddled by these premature harbingers of doom.

More recently, "mark it down" is used to lampoon the idea that such predictions will come true or that anyone will be held to them. It has been used for any type of Packer prediction and is no longer held to its original circumstances.

Mark it Down (variant) The phrase gained forum popularity when David White, who describes himself as a "SF Chronical NFL writer-turned-Porterville Church of God pastor" tweeted the following about Nnamdi Asomugha: "I know him well. He'll got to Green Bay or NY Jets. Mark it down." After a few forumites dared to question Pastor White, Thrillhouse punctuated his assertion:

"When someone asks you to mark it down, you mark it down."
Markt (past tense): An acknowledgement of the finality of a "Mark it down" situation. "The discussion is over. It has been markt." Possible reference to the debut Roscoe Dash single "All the Way Turnt Up" featuring Soulja Boy Tell 'Em

Jarrett BushEdit

A villian whose lifes purpose is to accrue negative points for the Packers. Opponent scores can often be ascribed his name, ie: Packers 35, Jarrett Bush 17

Brext PevreEdit

A not-so-affectionate nickname for a former Packers player, quarterback ole-what's-his-name. The first part comes from said player's infamous texts to a Jets reporter, and the second comes from his perversion therein mixed with the unique spelling of real surname.

"These is Proven Facts."Edit

Player CelebrationsEdit

Randy MossEdit

None SinceEdit

Avatar ThmemesEdit

Momma's CookinEdit

Superb OwlEdit

Dallas, TexasEdit

A corruption of the proper name "Dallastexas-superbowlbaby," a single word made famous by Jermicheal Finley in this short clip:


THE ONLY acceptable swearing word allowed in FF, by adding a c in it to dodge the shit.

Mispronounced NamesEdit

As announcer crews for NFL games have a tendency to rotate, it is common place for announcers to either mispronounce or mis-label players, though it seems nowhere near as egregious as when it comes to the Green Bay Packers. One popular pronounciation was the name "Tray-mon Williams," but the most common of these seems to be the multiple variations of Jordy Nelson. Forum members have a tendency to celebrate these names mid-game thread, especially when the player in question makes a great play.

Joe ThomasEdit

Joe Thomas is the starting Left Tackle for the Green Bay Packers. He was acquired in a trade shortly before or during the 2009 season. The exact terms of the trade are unknown to the public to this day.

Duct TapeEdit

The given name of a popular linebacker-turned-tightend occaisionally employed by the Packers from 2006-2011. His jersey reads "Spencer Havner" due to a mixup that remains uncorrected. He has taken snaps at every position on the team including cornerback and quarterback.


See Daintrain. :)


Board Approved Babes Edit

Reaction Faces (mfw)Edit

Reaction faces are generally used as a rough approximation of the face you are making in the face of a comment by another poster or as a reaction to something you've come across in life that you wish to share with the TAPT.

On the Green Bay Packer board, Don Draper is the king of the reaction face. His expressive features, coupled with his devestatingly good looks, make for a potent combination when reaction facing.

Variation: When reaction facing seems to overwhelm a thread, it is often pertinent to shorten the reaction face to a fake link that gets the point across. Note: This has absolutely nothing to do with being too lazy to find a link to the picture you want. Example: DonDraperDisapproves.jpg

The TrollfaceEdit

Trollfacing is generally disapproved of at Football's Future. However, the Trollface is an intergral part of the Packer board. After all, even in a Super Bowl season, our team spent a generous fraction of the year trolling us. In fact, some scholars submit that the 2010-2011 season was "the season of the troll" in the NFL.

The trollface is most appreciated when it's integrated directly into football discussion in a relevant way. Examples include the way Brett Favre trolled the Vikings during 2010 or the trollface that Aaron Rodgers threw on after his first victory against the Brett Favre-led Minnesota Vikings.

Another example of real-life trolling is Rodgers falling in the draft to the 24th Overall pick and then proving all the teams who passed him wrong by winning the Superb Owl in 2011.

Put the Team on His BackEdit

Greeeg Jenningssss. A key cog in one of the most best offenses in NFL history. Look at this shit. Greg Jennings caught that shit. That's right - last play of the game. But earlier, he broke his fuckin' leg. How is he runnin' with a broken leg? He put the team on his back do?

Into the mind of a Greg Jennings: Dawg, gotta do this shit. I put the team on my fuckin' back do. My leg broke. I don't know how the fuck I'm running 'do. I'LL DO THIS SHIT. FOR MADDEN.

Oh, shit. Darren Sharper: One of the most hardest hittin' safeties in the league.

Fuck it: You can't stop me. Cross the plane. Touchdown. Greeeeg Jennings.

29-20: Fuck wit' me.


TAPT ConfessionsEdit

TAPT Thread Confessions are used to nullify any ridicule that certain members would be subject to when admitting potentially embarrassing things about themselves. By labeling a statement as a "TAPT confession", one is making a tacit implication that they realize that the statement may not be entirely socially acceptable or normal.

Bro TipsEdit

The Packer Board SoundtrackEdit

Official Packer Anthems:

  • Marlins Will Soar - Scott Stapp
  • Bang on the Drum - Todd Rundgren
  • Jump in the Stands - Robert Brooks
  • Green and Yellow - Lil' Wayne
  • Green Bay Packers Anthem - Def Crew

Songs of Kings:

  • The Theme to Dallas
  • Good Vibrations - Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch

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